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Summerlin Maids

About us

SUMMERLIN MAIDS is a branch of “UREP Maids”, a low cost (non-profit) home cleaning service; and is formed by a group of professional maids that exclusively serve the Summerlin community. SUMMERLIN MAIDS was created by residents of Summerlin as an independent organization and is NOT related in any way or form to the home owners association.

The Problem

Many residents like single parents, retirees, disabled and others need assistance to clean their homes, but they can’t afford to pay those fees companies or independent maids charge. Although our research shows that most companies could drop their prices considerably and still have a small margin of profit, for most of them is not worth the effort if there is only a small profit. Cleaning companies target only those groups that can afford the services and represent a profit for them, because they are businesses and need a profit to exist.

The solution

To solve the problem residents created a platform for maids who are willing to reduce their rates considerably in exchange for continuity. Maids are assigned a series of properties to be cleaned as a package at a lower price. Besides that, SUMMERLIN MAIDS does not profit from the service. The fees residents pay for each cleaning is just enough to cover the salary of the employees servicing our homes and operating expenses. By removing the middleman (company) out of the equation, we’re helping residents save up to 50% of the cost.

The Idea

The Idea was born in October 2012 in Rhodes Ranch, which is the first residential community in the nation that has its own maid cleaning service. Hundreds of properties have signed up since the beginning and that number continues to grow each and every day. Rhodes Ranch homes are being cleaned at the lowest rate nationwide, while their front and backyards are being maintained for free.


The project is being developed by the Union of Real Estate Professionals, a nonprofit organization that creates jobs for professionals in the real estate industry.


Participating residents can schedule services from Monday to Saturday recurring or occasional basis without the need of a contract. The entity is licensed, bonded and insured, and the backgrounds of the maids servicing our properties have been checked for your protection. If you already are receiving services, we thank you for your patience with the personnel selection process. We have received very good reviews for most maids and we are eliminating the ones that don’t meet your standards. Your feedback is very important in this process; please notify us if your maid does not comply with any the following:

Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to turn SUMMERLIN MAIDS into a full low cost maintenance entity by adding services like: carpet cleaning, tile and stone services, landscaping, window cleaning, driveway cleaning, handyman services, etc. All of these services will be provided at the lowest cost possible.

Sign Up

If you’re interested, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We need to know how many households will participate in this project in order to hire more personnel. Please call 702-249-8329 for more information or register using our property registration form.

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